Begin your prompts with the prefix anchors:



sketch of a cineshot

…then invoke any combination of the below compositional elements:

  1. is a clean single

  2. is a two shot

  3. is a three shot

  4. is a group shot

  5. is a profile shot

  6. is an establishing shot

  7. is an insert shot

  8. is an over the shoulder shot

  9. is a close up frame

  10. is a medium close up frame

  11. is a medium frame

  12. is a medium wide frame

  13. is an extreme close up frame

  14. is an extreme wide frame

  15. is a wide frame

  16. with a low angle

  17. with a dutch angle

  18. with a high angle

  19. with a top down angle

  20. with the aesthetic of [movie name]